Reclaiming My Roots

After 20+ years spent in creative/illustration/design, and 6+ years as a front-end developer, I've spent the past 6 months focusing more on back-end oriented tasks, namely migrations. Talk about a learning curve. The documentation and resources for learning migrations is apt but scattered, with several different styles of implementation. Fortunately, I had ample brains to pick around my work environment, and practical examples to study (read: copy/paste).

I could go on in detail about my successes and failures with migrations, and I will in another post (or two). But this entry is about getting back to my creative side for a bit.

No need to ramble on about the intent of this project. It's straight-forward. I'm going to develop this site, (yes this here one), as an attempt to catch back up to the steadily advancing front-end world. Or at least a few current front-end best practices. The more coding I do, the less I've come to care about how gorgeous a website is. Yeah I want it to look good, but now I find I care more about how functional and efficient it is. Ya know, the UX of it all.

Having rambled on more than necessary already, it' time to get to it.